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FAQs and Rental Conditions

Can I purchase additional days on my rental? 
Absolutely. However, it's critical for you to plan this in advance so that your rental contract will be accurate and so that scheduling can be adjusted. 

If I don't know my exact rental date, can I still get a rate quote? 
In this situation, we recommend that you use an arbitrary date two weeks in the future or an approximate date around the time you think you will be moving. The rate that is quoted will provide you with a frame of reference, but will be subject to change based on your actual move date. You will need to obtain a second rate quote and confirm your reservation as soon as you are sure of your rental date. 

My friend/relative is going to drive my rental for me. Will I be responsible if he or she gets into an accident? 
The person who signs the rental contract is fully responsible for the equipment. Be sure to ask about our optional insurance for protection and peace of mind. 

Where do I drop off my rental? 
All rentals are to be returned to us at 3 Broadway, Woodcliff Lake, unless otherwise indicated on the rental contract. 

How can I modify or cancel an existing reservation? 
If you have a change in plans you will need to contact Comfort for modifications or cancellations. Twenty-four hour notice is required. 

Can I use my E-ZPass tag in my rental vehicle? 
Yes. However, the only correct way to do this is to add our vehicle's license plate, make and model to your E-ZPass account and remove it immediately after the termination of your rental. If this is not done or is done incorrectly, we receive a violation notice in the mail, defer responsibility to the renter and charge a $30 fee. 

Are fuel costs included in my rental? 
No. Vehicles should be returned with the same amount of fuel they are sent out with. Your rental agent will give you information on what type of fuel the vehicle accepts. If the vehicle is returned without being filled, we charge a fueling fee of $20 and a price of $5.95/gallon*. Please provide us with your fuel receipt at the time of check-in. 

Can I drop my rental off after business hours? 
Yes. You may park the vehicle in our parking lot and place the keys in the key drop located in the rear of the building. We also ask that you leave your fuel receipt on the front console of the vehicle. Overnight drop-off is a convenience for our customers, and you are liable for damages, excess mileage charges, and gas charges until the vehicle is checked in by Comfort staff. You can also write your email address and request the receipt be sent to you after check in.

Operating Hours & Directions

Where is Comfort Auto Rental? 
We are located at 
3 Broadway, 
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 
Click here for directions. 

What hours are you open? 
Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
Sunday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM - closed in winter
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In the event that I have trouble with the equipment, what should I do? 
In the event you experience problems please call (201) 666-8622, and refer to your reservation document holder provided to you at the time of checkout. 

With my Truck Rental, do I need to stop at the weigh stations along the way? 
Requirements may vary from state to state and throughout Canada. Each weigh station has a sign that tells what you are required to do - just obey the signs. Normally Comfort customers moving their own household goods are not required to stop, because this is not a commercial move. However, if a truck is over a certain weight it may be required to stop regardless of what is being carried. 

How can I determine if my rental vehicle can tow (or be towed)? 
This info can be found out when obtaining a rate quote or making a reservation. If you know you need to tow something, please inform the rental agent at the time of reservation. 

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